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Icetool if statement
Icetool if statement

Icetool if statement

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if statement icetool

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Can I do this using DFSORT: INPUT file: 100STUDENT1001 101STUDENT1002 If input(11:4) - position, length) is equal to 1001 use 'MATH'DFSORT / ICETOOL - Use parameter from JCL in SORT 15 posts22 Feb 2012ICETOOL Vs DFSORT15 posts29 Nov 2011DFSORT/ICETOOL IFTHEN ELSE6 posts22 Nov 2011Conditional Header using DFSORT - OUTFIL15 posts19 Sep 2011More results from[PDF]DFSORT: ICETOOL Mini-User Guide - ibm.com ICETOOL operator statement describes a task you want ICETOOL to perform. TOOLIN is where you create ICETOOL statements using operators. IF FLD1(1:3) = '111' and FLD2(81:12) = 'XXXXXXXXXXXX' Use the following DFSORT control cards which will give you the desired results.ON in ICETOOL's DISPLAY statement9 posts25 Nov 2014DFSORT Report Trailer using 10 posts27 Jul 2012SUM fields with IF statement?8 posts23 Aug 2010IFTHEN for multiple tests5 posts7 Jul 2010More results from ibmmainframeforum.comDFSORT: IFTHEN, Numeric Tests & Relative Dates 1, 2007 - Although IBM's DFSORT isn't a programming language, it has its own flavor of which can be described conceptually as IF something, THEN something. Figure 1 shows the DFSORT control statements we need to sort the Jun 5, 2012 - Sort card – replace selective fields (IFTHEN,WHEN) · ICETOOL to get and nested IF-ELSE-ENDIF statement in Easytrieve · Comments in Feb 6, 2013 - must supply a DD statement for xxxxCNTL if you specify USING(xxxx). . Session. Desired. QR if. .. May 20, 2007 - DFSORT Option Overrides and Program Control Statements If all fields are the same format, a single FORMAT operand can be used in lieu of A xxxxCNTL DD statement should only be supplied when you specify a USING(xxxx) If you want to override dynamic allocation of work data sets for ICETOOL Feb 10, 2012 - Your problem is with the include condition or the ICETOOL selection? Also, I don't know if a //SORTDIAG DD DUMMY statement would help Mar 21, 2008 - ICETOOL- Using BUILD on an IFTHEN in an OUTFIL statement with VB I do have a marketing request to Frank if a newbie like me is allowedCustom. Insert.
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