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Ocistmtfetch example
Ocistmtfetch example

Ocistmtfetch example

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(I've verified that behavior in my code, Here is example of a very basic C program using OCI: #include OCI_NO_DATA) { printf("%s ",p_data); ret = OCIStmtFetch(p_OCI_sql, p_OCI_err, 1, 0, 0); } Hi, I have sample c++ code with make file. Purpose. Report message to a moderator Execute the statement and perform the initial fetch of 100 rows into the defined array OCIStmtExecute(svchp, stmtp, errhp, 100, 0, NULL, NULL, OCI_DEFAULT);.Fetch. For queries, call OCIStmtFetch() to fetch the results of the query. It can be used on any statement handle, whether it is sword OCIStmtFetch ( OCIStmt *stmtp, OCIError *errhp, ub4 nrows, ub2 If you call OCIStmtFetch() with the nrows parameter set to 0, this cancels the cursor. Use OCIStmtFetch2(). Syntax sword OCIStmtFetch ( OCIStmt *stmtp, OCIError May 17, 2005 - OCIStmtFetch - returning multiple rows. The fetch call works similarly to the OCIStmtFetch() call with the addition of the fetchOffset parameter. Fetches rows from a query. For example, it is possible to do the define step before the execute if the datatypes and Dec 27, 1999 - As a memory saver, OCIStmtFetch() automatically frees the statement handle after all rows are fetched. This function is deprecated. break; to your example and just fetch the next record. I want to add one more functionality rc = OCIStmtFetch(p_sql, p_err, 1, 0, 0); } rc = OCILogoff(p_svc OCIStmtFetch(). brewtacus asked May Here's a simple example that prints enames and deptnos of the employees in OCIStmtFetch error handling.
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